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With more nations being at war, and less care given to human life, the past decade has seen children being abandoned and/or orphaned, more than any other era since WW2. The displacement of families and the migration of the impoverished lead to children splitting up from their parents, rendering them vulnerable to abuse.
This is where Orphanz Care has stepped in, providing support to orphans who have little to no opportunity in lifting themselves out of poverty and making it to the other side. In Orphanz Care, we make available every necessity an orphan needs in order for them to focus on the more important things in life.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank, in advance, all those who have supported and those who are considering assisting, in whatever way, form or shape.

Orphanz Care organised a fundraising event to further its objectives. The event was well attended and all tickets were sold! The main focus was on the new project that has been launched by the Islamic Economic Development Organisation. 80% of the attendees gave pledges of support, for which we were very grateful. The event ended with IEDO’s closing remarks with much thanks given to the host, speakers and donors.